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Why BilgAlarm?
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Here are a few good reasons!
  • BilgAlarm™ Systems are available to monitor up to 40 compartments standard.
    Custom orders are available.
  • Larger Standard BilgAlarm™ Systems (6,8,10,12,14,16 sensor systems)are equipped with redundant power supplies meaning that you can wire the system to two separate batteries, if desired. Then BilgAlarm™ will draw its power from the strongest battery at any given time.
  • Standard BilgAlarm™ Systems allow an optional, full functioning Remote Panel for the Master Stateroom or Captain's Quarters if desired.
  • Unlike other bilge alarms, Standard BilgAlarm™ System test buttons test the complete system, including the sensors and bilge wiring. BilgAlarm Fail-Safe Systems continuously and automatically test the complete system, including all bilge sensors and bilge wiring 24/7. No need to climb into the bilge anymore.
  • What you should know!
  • Over 40,000 boats sink in the U.S. each year, many at the dock.
    This is the primary reason marine insurance is so expensive.
  • Virtually every boat sinking begins with high bilge water due to weather, hull damage, a ruptured hose, a broken hose clamp, a corroded pipe, a leaking shaft seal, a broken thru-hull fitting or an inoperative bilge pump due to a clogged impeller, a burned-out pump motor, a dead battery, corroded electrical cables or an inoperative float-switch.
  • Whatever the reason for high bilge water, the key to dealing with it is an early warning before critical electrical and propulsion systems and the leak itself are covered by the rising bilge water, and while there is still time to get passengers into life jackets, deploy extra pumps and to send out a distress call.
  • Most boat owners think of a “bilge alarm” as a simple electrical system consisting primarily of a float switch, a buzzer, a test button, a mute switch and inter-connecting wiring, that protects one compartment, and costs around $100.00. The “test button” actually gives a false sense of security because it tests only the buzzer, and does nothing to test the float switch or the bilge wiring. The problem is compounded by the short float switch electrical leads, which require that an electrical splice be made within the humid and corrosive atmosphere of the bilge. The only meaningful test for this simple system is to periodically flood the bilge to verify that all system components are actually operable! A fouled or damaged float switch may not float!
  • BilgAlarm™ test buttons test the complete system, as if the bilge had been actually flooded; and the siren can’t be inadvertently turned off because the mute button automatically resets at the conclusion of each test or emergency. BilgAlarm™ has been engineered for long-term dependability.
  • BilgAlarm™ has no moving parts to foul or fail. The only exposed metal within the bilge area are two corrosion resistant electrodes within the anti-slosh shield of each sensor, and the stainless steel mounting screws. Sensor electronics and cable connections are encapsulated to prevent corrosion, and the attached forty-foot (12.2 m) cable is intended to reach all the way to the bridge without the need for intermediate electrical splices. Longer cables can be ordered during check out, if required.
  • BilgAlarm™ is the most reliable high bilge water detection system on the market today! You can count on years of dependable, trouble-free service, knowing that it is designed by an Aerospace Engineer. It’s always ready and waiting when you need it. Never worry about high bilge water levels again!
  • Don’t trust the lives of your family and your boat to anything less than BilgAlarm!™

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